Onyx marble + Nature = Greenscapes

Elements in nature are used in combination to compliment the magnificent flowing bands, colors and textures in each high quality onyx marble product to create Greenscapes.

Branches, stones, shells or dried flowers interact artistically and are meant to last within or around the onyx marble. Other natural elements, ferns, moss, succulents and orchids are thriving life forms that grow into and onto the onyx marble, making it a green, living entity.  Each Greenscape is unique and handmade by master artists.

Onyx marble is translucent.  Candles floating in the pieces, and fairy lights add a relaxing element of soothing warmth which can be doubly enhanced with mirrors or reflective surfaces.

Reiki therapy embraces the calm and emotional healing property in the onyx marble and its complimentary companion, nature. The effect is soothing, beautiful and graceful.

Greenscapes are great for home, office or as a unique handmade gift. 

Special Note: Greenscape order requests can specify particular live plants, orchids, potted flowers or vines in season

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