About Us

Boleika is a leading company of original handmade onyx marble and Greenscapes located in the Midwest, Minneapolis/ St Paul, MN area.

Our company was founded by owner Leticia Murillo to specialize in creating unique hand made pieces of art with a natural rhythmically healing nature. Boleika designers have masters degree in art-design.  Onyx marble is known for its emotional healing powers and when combined with natural elements are soothing, beautiful and graceful. Vessels, lamps and spa products are used in Reiki healing therapy.

Elements in nature compliment the magnificent flowing bands, colors and textures in each high quality onyx marble Greenscapes. Branches, stones, shells or dried flowers interact artistically and are meant to last.  Special orders can request live plants, orchids or potted flowers in season.

Greenscape with White Orchid

Onyx marble is a stone that rates a three on the Moh’s hardness scale – meaning  that onyx is a soft material and can scratch easily. Onyx marble reacts (etches) when acid, ammonia, or alcohol is spilled.

Our customers acknowledge our onyx marble products and Greenscapes are great for home, office or as a unique handmade gift.  Onyx marble is translucent.  Lighting  the lamps ands candles create a relaxing atmosphere and mood effect enhanced by the rich colors, variety of bands, gorgeous waves and circle patterns. 

Honey Onyx marble

We have grown in both size and reputation at an astonishing rate. We are in the forefront in design, quality and satisfaction.

We strive to provide the very best service and product to every customer. 
We think you’ll be astonished and craving more.